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Green Network

hl-repro is a member of Green Network

Green Network A/S is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) knowledge- and training center, that works to promote sustainable development and growth at their partner companies.

Today, Green Network is one of Denmarks leading providers of knowledge, development, and training in CSR- and sustainability processes in danish companies.

But what does this mean for hl-repro?

Being a member of Green Network gives us the opportunity to utilize courses and seminars, which keeps us up to date with the opportunities for sustainable solutions, thoughtful leadership, corporate social responsibility – just to name a few advantages.

One of the steps hl-repro has taken towards a more sustainable working process, is to invest in an LED-printer.

With the LED-printer in our arsenal, we utilize that LED-lights have a significantly lower heat output compared to more traditional printers today. This means that not only can we print on thin, heat-sensitive materials like styren, but we save power doing it.

Furthermore, the company has exchanged all of their lightbulbs in the company as well as production quarters with LED-lights, as well as replacing the amount of environmentally damaging chemicals for the more environmentally-friendly solutions.

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