High-speed package inspection

Digimarc supports component accuracy and parts matching for leading manufacturers, such as Procter & Gamble and Conagra Brands, to reduce waste and protect profits.

More reliable label inspections

The Digimarc Platform delivers data redundancy that makes automatic identification of certain packaging components easier during manufacturing. This could improve accuracy rates for in-line inspection systems to read labels with alternatives such as Data Matrix codes, especially on difficult shapes such as cylinders. The solution includes Digimarc Barcode for packaging with extended data for parts numbers, and Digimarc Discover software, which enables scanning by inspection system cameras and even consumer smartphones.

Reduce food recalls

More Custom Data

Bonus Consumer Benefit

Food recalls cost $10 million in direct costs alone, according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association. The Digimarc Platform can help reduce manufacturing errors for consumer brands, supporting better quality control, cost containment and protecting or increasing profit margins.

Digimarc Barcode contains traditional UPC/EAN barcode information plus extra custom data. This capability enables manufacturers to include asset identification numbers for artwork versions and other purposes. Digimarc enables manufacturers to automatically verify these numbers are correct on front-and-back labels or cartons and lids, helping reduce mismatch errors that cause costly product recalls, lawsuits and erosion of consumer trust.

Consumers today expect product transparency. In addition to its quality control benefits on the inspection line, adding Digimarc Barcode to packaging provides an opportunity for consumers to scan product packaging and labels to access more information on their phones.

New Research: Mislabeled Packaging Increasingly Common

A survey of manufacturers revealed that 80% expect mislabeled packaging on their production lines during the year. In addition, more than half of manufacturers report their lines are shut down for mislabeled products at least once a month.

How Brands Can Boost Supply Chain Efficiency

Read this Q&A with a leading supply chain expert and discover how to adapt in an era of traceability and connectivity to become more efficient and data-driven.

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